Misty Coolidge
Candidate for Maine State House District 65
Mrs. Maine International

About Misty

Misty Coolidge is a mother of three, a former paralegal, a notary, and the owner of two businesses, a mobile bar service (Maine Mixologists) and a wedding venue (Coolidge Family Farm) located in the Upper Village of New Gloucester. When she's not busy planning weddings or taking care of her family, she enjoys restoring the historic communities of Gray and New Gloucester and dedicating time to community service and providing food to needy families. Her passion for serving and helping others shows in all she does. Misty hopes to raise awareness for her work as Mrs. Maine International 2018 and she wants to better address her community's needs in the legislature next year. She hopes to meet you personally this year either by knocking on your door or at the polls on November 6th!